Exploring 'Actions' - An overview of Cykel's technical capabilities

Feb 19, 2024

While using your AI co-pilot, you'll find a range of "Actions" used by Cykel to complete tasks, each action has a unique role in turning your set of instructions into successfully completed tasks. Similar to how a human would use a web browser, Cykel mimics a human with it's own set of actions. We've gathered a list of all the key actions to help you understand the capabilities of Cykel and to guide you to writing better prompts.

Cykel Actions

click: The click action allows Cykel to simulate mouse clicks on elements in the browser, such as buttons, links, and menu items. This enables automated interaction with web pages without the need for manual clicking. Instruct Cykel to the element you want clicked and it will handle the rest.

fillForm: The fillForm action is useful for automating form submissions using structured user data. It can populate text fields, select dropdowns, check boxes, and more to complete forms comprehensively. Using fillForm ensures all required fields are filled out accurately.

setValue: Assigns a specified value to an input element, streamlining data entry tasks. For managing multiple inputs, prefer using the fillForm action.

persistData: Using persistData allows Cykel to take a note of the data you will need to action at a later stage. For example, if you wanted to copy data from a spreadsheet and put it into a website use PersistData to instruct Cykel to capture that key data.

searchInternet: The searchInternet action is Cykel’s go to when the current website doesn’t have the information required. It leverages Google to look up information online when the current website lacks what you need.

Navigate: Use the Navigate action when you need to open web pages that are not directly linked from the current page. This enhances navigation capabilities beyond what links allow. You can enter the URL or mention the website by name and Cykel should work out the rest.

presentInformationToUser: Once important information is found, presentInformationToUser will share it with the user so relevant insights are conveyed.

requestUserInformation: If additional data is needed to complete a task, requestUserInformation prompts the user to provide it.

finish: Marks the completion of a task, signifying that all necessary actions have been successfully carried out.

fail: Indicates an inability to complete the task, mentioning the error.

These Actions are just a few of the ways Cykel has been trained to make tasks more intuitive and less time-consuming for you. Actions are available for all Cykel users.