Cykel – an AI for action

We’re building an AI model that can interact with any UI, website or API in response to natural language commands. We believe our research will lead to a system that can perform all computer-based work.

We're on a mission to redefine how people interact with computers. Our AI model navigates any software interface, transforming your instructions into actions. Cykel is an automation layer for the internet.

Introducing TaskOS, a task-delivery platform powered by our AI technology stack. TaskOS combines AI assistants and AI agents to deliver automated work at scale for any organisation.


Co-Pilot AI


AI assistant that can interact with software based on human prompts

Task running prompt from Cykel software

Worker AI


AI agents that can deliver complex tasks unsupervised


Building AI systems for the future of work

Cykel is an AI product and research company. We build systems designed to expand the functionality, reliability and application of AI automation to the benefit of society.

“At a moment when the line between machine and human capabilities is blurring, Cykel's mission is to guide that transition responsibly. We're creating an intelligent layer for the internet, setting a new standard for what 'work' could and should be.”

Jonathan Bixby

Co-Founder at Cykel

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