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Cykel: AI Task Automation Assistant

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Cykel automates complex workflows for your business across operations, sales, marketing and more. Save time and drive ROI with AI automations that deliver value from day zero.
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1:1 AI consulting and support
Enterprise-grade privacy
Custom workflows built for your business
Use Cases

Save thousands of hours on repetitive digital work

Cykel AI automates complex workflows for your business, including lead generation, content creation and more.

AI Features

An AI co-pilot for any digital task

Send an email, place an order, update a spreadsheet. Cykel interacts with any website to complete complex tasks based on your instructions. You type, Cykel acts.

AI Features

Offload 50% of your to-do list to AI

Cykel takes over repetitive digital tasks, cutting your to-do list in half. Spend less time on manual digital work and more time on strategic decisions and creativity.

AI Features

From Gmail to Shopify, Cykel works anywhere

A whole new way to get things done with the software and websites you already use. Cykel adds a layer of AI automation to your existing  workflows – no new setup required.


AI automation integrated with your existing systems


Automate repetitive tasks with AI workflows customised to your needs


Customise Cykel with your company's unique data and processes


Use the Cykel Assistant to automate tasks everywhere you work

Built For Enterprise

Benefit from advanced AI tools while staying in control of your data

Cykel for Enterprise

Work with us to become an AI-first business

Need help with your workflows? Our team of AI experts delivers custom solutions to help your business operate smarter and faster. We collaborate with you to build and optimise workflows tailored to your specific needs.
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1:1 support
Secure integration
Custom workflows
Pinpoint where repetitive tasks are consuming excessive time.
We develop a strategic AI plan customised to streamline these areas.
Receive comprehensive 1:1 training and continuous support.
Working together, we refine and optimise the solution.
The solution is tailored to seamlessly fit into your team's specific workflows and systems.
Free up thousands of hours for your team with tailored AI workflow automations.


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Don’t just take our word for it

Using Cykel has been transformative. 
It's streamlined our operations, allowing us to revolutionizing financial solutions for Canadians. The intuitive AI and task automation are precisely what we 
needed to elevate our efficiency.

Robert F Kennedy

CEO @ Koho Financial

Using Cykel has been transformative. 
It's streamlined our operations, allowing us to revolutionizing financial solutions for Canadians. The intuitive AI and task automation are precisely what we 
needed to elevate our efficiency.

Robert F Kennedy

CEO @ Koho Financial



The perfect plan for small teams using Cykel
14 day free trial after demo
  • Access to Pre-Made Workflow Library
  • Workflows: AI workflows
  • Assistant: Browser automation assistant
  • Context: Train Cykel on your data
For organisations that need tailored AI solutions
Talk to sales for custom pricing
  • Everything in Team, plus:
  • Custom Workflows & Library
  • 1:1 AI Consulting
  • Enterprise Org Management
  • SSO & Enhanced Privacy
  • Early Access to Beta Features

Got a question?

What tasks can Cykel handle?

Cykel can handle complex tasks across thousands of platforms including Gmail, Salesforce, Slack, Shopify, Linkedin and many more. Cykel uses a unique combination of APIs and direct interaction with user interfaces, enabling it to perform most digital tasks a human can.

How does Cykel work?

Cykel utilises the latest AI models fine-tuned on millions of real workflows and extensively battle-testing in the wild to ensure reliability. This enables it to understand instructions in plain English and take actions on your behalf.

What technology powers Cykel?

Cykel is powered by TaskOS, our agent AI engine that mimics human behavior to interact with APIs, software and websites. It not only interprets your natural language commands but also carries out tasks by interacting with APIs, filling out forms, clicking buttons etc.

How do I automate a task?

Automating a task is simple. Use natural language or start with a templated workflow and Cykel will complete the task for you. Enterprise customers can build their own workflows for key tasks. These workflows can be shared with your team, enabling easy delegation and collaboration for repetitive tasks.

Do your plans have usage limits?

Cykel Foundation comes with a monthly usage limit which resets at the end of the billing cycle. For Enterprise users we offer custom usage allowances tailored to your requirements.

Can I automate multiple tasks simultaneously?

Yes. Cykel supports the automation of multiple tasks at the same time.

Can I schedule tasks based on triggers?

Yes. Scheduling tasks is in beta and will be rolled out to all customer soon.

How does Cykel manage data?

Cykel doesn't train or fine-tune models using your data. Our underlying model providers are SOC 2 Type 2 compliance and utilise data encryption at rest (AES-256) and in transit (TLS 1.2+).