How to add a lead into Salesforce

Jan 8, 2024

In sales, the main focus should be selling. Yet, many sales reps find themselves bogged down with repetitive digital tasks in CRM tools like Salesforce.

Research indicate that sales reps spend 64.8% of their time on non-selling activities, including data entry, email management, and logging leads. This leaves only 35.2% of their time for actual selling. Consequently, 57% of sales reps regularly miss their sales quotas.

Sales leaders are now prioritising efficiency, aiming to shift their teams from time-consuming manual tasks to active selling. This is where AI sales tools like Cykel can help. Cykel is transforming lead management by automating routine tasks in Salesforce. By reducing the digital workload with an AI assistant, sales reps can focus more on engaging with clients and less on updating Salesforce.

This guide will explain how Cykel can add leads into Salesforce in just a few simple steps, maximising productivity and letting sales reps dedicate more time to what they do best: selling.

How to add a new lead in Salesforce with Cykel

1. Sign into Cykel

To get started with adding a lead into Salesforce using Cykel, you first need to make sure you are signed in if you're not already. To do this, go to the Cykel AI extension and sign in with Google.

2. Open co-pilot

In the extensions drop down, click the Cykel icon to open the co-pilot interface. Then, make sure you have the tasks tab selected to type your instruction.

3. Prepare your prompt

To ensure Cykel understands your task, it's key to use the right format for your prompts. For example, when you want to add a new lead to Salesforce, structure your prompt like this:

'Add a lead into Salesforce - [Full Name] [Email address] of [Company]. Title is [Job title]'

4. Click and go

Type your task into the 'Tasks' tab and hit 'Go.' Then, let Cykel take care of the rest, completing the task for you.

Adding leads to Salesforce is quick and easy with Cykel. Just a few simple steps and you're done, leaving you more time to focus on the bigger picture. With Cykel handling the routine, you can concentrate on what really matters in your work.