Introducing Cykel Workflows

Jun 11, 2024

Introducing Cykel AI Workflows

Introducing Workflows, the newest iteration of Cykel, designed for enterprises to work smarter and faster with AI automation. This powerful tool streamlines repetitive tasks, integrates seamlessly with your existing tools, and boosts productivity across your organization.

What Are Workflows?

Workflows are AI-powered automations that save you time on repetitive tasks. By taking inputs such as instructions, emails, URLs, or files, Cykel uses AI to execute a sequence of steps and complete the task. Each workflow is designed to perform specific actions based on the inputs and context provided.

Integration Capabilities

Cykel Workflows integrate seamlessly with thousands of third-party apps, including Google Workspace, Salesforce, and LinkedIn, right from the start, requiring minimal or no additional setup. This means you can enhance your current tools with AI automation, requiring minimal or no additional setup. You control which integrations to enable, ensuring secure and seamless automation.

Browser Assistant

Workflows can also use the Browser Assistant to interact with user interfaces by clicking, scrolling, and filling in fields, enabling automation where APIs aren't available. Acting as your co-pilot, it accelerates browser-based tasks, freeing you from tedious manual interactions and expanding the range of automatable tasks.

How Workflows Work

Running a workflow is simple: select a workflow, enter any required inputs, and click "Run Template." The AI then takes over, effortlessly completing the task for you.

Key Features

  • Composing and Sending Emails: Automate your email communications and outreach.
  • Interacting with Software via API: Seamlessly integrate with your existing tools.
  • Analyzing and Editing Data: Let AI handle complex data tasks.
  • Generating and Editing Files: Create and modify documents automatically.
  • Searching the Internet: Perform web searches efficiently.
  • Navigating UI: Use the Browser Assistant to interact with web interfaces.
  • Reasoning with AI: Make informed decisions with AI-driven insights.

Take Action

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