Introducing Instructions and Shortcuts

Nov 30, 2023

We're introducing two new features: 'Instructions' and 'Shortcuts'. They'll give Cykel users a more personalised experience, improve the AI's knowledge of your behaviours and workflows to complete a wider range of tasks faster and more accurately. These additions bring us closer to an AI assistant that knows your personal workflows and understands how work is done in your business.


Instructions are a personalisation feature that teaches the co-pilot about you and your unique workflows. You can train the AI about you and your team, and give context such as your name and email address, so the AI understands not just what it's doing, but who it's doing it for.

You can also teach the AI how you like to use specific apps and what actions it should take.

The more you use Cykel, the better the AI gets. This makes each interaction more personalised to you and your unique needs. The AI learns to work like you work, getting tasks completed faster and with less context required to initiate tasks.


Shortcuts let you save a task and reuse it later, saving you valuable time. Creating shortcuts is easy. Just complete a task and with one click turn it into a shortcut. The AI will also enhance your shortcut, adding details you may have missed in the original task instruction.

Cykel keeps learning from every task you do, add to your Shortcuts. The outcome? Automate more and more of your repetitive tasks.

Collaborating with your team becomes easier as well. Create a Shortcut and share it with your team. Everyone can now run the Shortcut to automate a shared task.

What's next

Instructions and Shortcuts will be available soon through the beta. We can’t wait to see what our users create.