Setting Up Cykel AI Instructions

Feb 20, 2024

Cykel is here to complete your tasks the same way you would. To do that, it sometimes needs a bit more then just guidance from you, it needs certain instructions like your details it will require for the task. For instance, if you want Cykel to complete a form, it’ll need your personal info to fill it out. Or, if you're asking Cykel to help send an email, it needs to know whether you're a Gmail person, an Outlook user, or use a different platform. That's why your instructions are so crucial – they give Cykel the info it needs to get the job done.

Some good starting points for adding some "Items" are:

Personal information:

  • My name is John Smith
  • My phone number is 07924324295
  • My address is 1 power street, SW4 2RR, London, United Kingdom

App information you use

  • I use hubspot as my CRM
  • My email client is Gmail
  • Zoho is my project manager
  • I use Notion for my calendar