Tips for Writing Effective Prompts

Feb 22, 2024

Your AI Teammate understands natural, everyday language, just as if you were communicating with a human. A simple rule to follow for effective prompting is to write the prompts as if you were instructing your colleague to complete a task. Always ask yourself, would your colleague be able to complete the task with the given prompt?

Our top tips

Step by step instructions

Break tasks down into smaller steps. Clearly labelling steps with numbers helps Cykel comprehend more complex tasks. See an example of how we use step by step instructions below: 

Instruct it like a human

The most common prompting oversight is that users don’t provide enough detail, meaning Cykel, or even a human, would never be able to complete the task. You’ll need to provide the steps for each action so that Cykel has context and can understand the entire procedure.

Well written prompt:

Step 1, make a note of the lead's information on the page

Step 2, go to salesforce

Step 3, save the lead

Step 4, mark as completed

Poorly written prompt:

Add the lead to my CRM

Use Natural Language

Cykel speaks everyday english so it doesn't matter if you say go, navigate, move or jump Cykel can understand them all. That way you don't need to use specific action words, as long as what you're writing makes sense, Cykel will understand you.

Well written prompt:

Step 1, take a note of this lead’s name and company

Step 2, Search this lead's details on Google

Poorly written prompt:

Step 1, Copy the lead’s data points

Step 2, Navigate to Google’s URL

Step 3, process a search on the lead’s copied data points

Use Cykel's 'Actions' for each step

Specifying actions like 'navigate', 'schedule', 'send', and 'remember' act as clear actions for Cykel to perform. Just make sure to give the individual actions needed with each step.

Well written prompt:

Step 1, Take a note of this email’s details.

Step 2, Go to Google docs

Step 3, create a new doc

Step 4, Add those details to the doc

Poorly written prompt:

Step 1, Copy and paste this email into a new doc

Review and Refine

‍If Cykel doesn’t succeed on the first try, Cykel will prompt you where it failed or needed more information. Trying again by following it’s instructions or giving it more context. 

Create shortcuts

Successfully completed a task? Save it as a shortcut. This will allow you to repeat tedious tasks with more reliability and without having to remember what prompt worked before.

Help guides

If you're still needing some help, dive into our FAQ Section for a helping hand on interacting with Cykel effectively. It’s brimming with guidance and examples of successful prompts, making your Cykel experience smoother.